Chicken & Pickle Guys
January 13 & 14
9:30 & 11:30pm

The West End Comedy Theatre in Dallas has been hiding the nation’s best-kept comedy secret. No longer! Soon the world will taste the fire, smell the fear, and feel the power that is The Chicken and Pickle Guys.

Lee Trull and Joey Oglesby don’t need comedy. No. Each is an accomplished musician, astute athlete, fine chef, and considerate lover. No, they each could live fulfilling lives without comedy. It is comedy that needs them.

Their legendary alliance began when Joey phoned Lee’s apartment to ask out his girlfriend. They struck up a conversation and soon formed an improv troupe that performed two terrible shows and quickly disbanded. They went their separate ways.

Later in their mid twenties they re-connected and decided to create a sketch show under the mission statement, “Dumb comedy for smart people”. And thus the legend begins. They began work on their landmark project The Wizard of Awesome. Years from now the comparisons to The Beatles’ seminal masterpiece Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band will surely be abundant.

The show is a comedy stew of dance, homophobic/gay experimentation, male chauvinism, obscure racism, and spiritual revelation.