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laugh January 3-5
Thursday & Friday 8PM
Saturday 8 & 10PM

Tickets $10 - $20
Advance tickets at

Esther's Follies presents
The Headliners of Comedy

Bob Biggerstaff, Kerry Awn,
Mike MacRae, Matt Sadler

and emcee Dana Smith

Esther's Follies takes a vacation so the Velv comics move next door to play the big stage!

Bob Biggerstaff began his comedy career at the legendary Laff Stop Comedy Club in Houston ... as a doorman. After a few months he started to perform at open mic and quickly became one of Houston's top comics and won the Funniest Person in Houston Contest. He's been on NBC, HBO and Comedy Central and plays at major comedy clubs and festivals around the nation.

Kerry Awn returns to the Esther's stage where he cracked up audiences for years. You might know him as Buck Husky, George W or lots of other characters, but what he does best is standup comedy. Kerry is a world-class comedian who always delights.

Matt Sadler. Nuff said, but we'll say more. For 20 years he's made a career of getting big laughs at clubs around the nation and military bases around the world. His high energy style is always a surefire crowd pleaser.

Mike MacRae does the best Obama impression of any white guy, among his many comedic talents. His appearances on the Howard Stern Show as Mitt Romney were brilliantly funny. You may have seen him on Comedy Central or David Letterman but you have to see him live for maximum hilarity.

Dana Smith is the Velveeta Room manager extraordinaire. He's also a gifted comic who gave it up to help make the Austin comedy scene one of the most vibrant in the nation. Dana could make you laugh for 90 minutes, but he's content to host the festivities.

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