Jan 24
Velv Lounge Hour
with Taylor Dowdy
January 24 | Fri 11p | $10 | 18+ BUY TICKETS HERE Welcome to the Velveeta lounge hour, Austin's only vintage comedy show featuring the best comics performing their best idea of what class used to... more...
Jan 24 / Jan 25
Trey Galyon
with special guests!
January 24/25 | Fri 9p | Sat 9&11p | $10 | 18+ BUY TICKETS HERE Originally from Austin, now living in NYC, Trey Galyon as been called the antihero of comedy by The Austin Chronicle. His mom and... more...
Jan 31
Guess Who?
with Elizabeth Spears!
January 31 | Fri 11p | $10 | 18+ BUY TICKETS HERE Sometimes, you’ve gotta separate the art from the artist (right boys?). Austin’s funniest stand up comedians go undercover to find out if their... more...
Jan 31 / Feb 1
Mike MacRae
with Erich Scholl
January 31/Feb 1 | Fri 9p | Sat 9&11p | $10 | 18+ BUY TICKETS HERE A native of St. Louis, Mike MacRae began performing at the legendary (read: “closed”) Houston Laff Stop in 1999 and soon... more...
Feb 7 / Feb 8
Reena Calm
with Andre Ricks
February 7/8 | Fri 9p | Sat 9&11p | $10 | 18+ BUY TICKETS HERE Reena Calm is an East Coast Jew turned Chicago favorite, and one of the most respected and requested comedians in the Midwest.... more...
Feb 14 / Feb 15
Brian Gaar
with Lando Shepard
February 14/15 | Fri 9p | Sat 9&11p | $10 | 18+ BUY TICKETS HERE Brian Gaar has been called "one of the funniest joke tellers on the internet" by Playboy, and an "ex-journo, video-game junkie... more...
Feb 14
Glow Show
with Joey Z
February 14 | Fri 11p | $10 | 18+ BUY TICKETS HERE "A definite must see" - Austin Chronicle Glow Show is a trippy glow in the dark themed comedy event. Stand up comedians perform under black lights... more...
Feb 21 / Feb 22
Bryson Brown
and friends!
February 21/22 | Fri 9p | Sat 9&11p | $10 | 18+ BUY TICKETS HERE Bryson Brown is a stand up comedian from Austin, TX who has toured the nation opening for Ali Siddiq, DeRay Davis, Bruce Bruce,... more...
Feb 21
Viva La Sam
with Sam Castillo and Andrew Wagner
February 21 | Fri 11p | $10 | 18+ BUY TICKETS HERE Sam Margera, Austin’s leading Bam Margera protégé, presents Viva La Sam: A Comedy Showcase. Joined by Andrew Wagner, Margera hosts an evening of... more...
Feb 28 / Feb 29
Doug Mellard
with Avery Moore
February 28/29 | Fri 9p | Sat 9&11p | $10 | 18+ BUY TICKETS HERE Come watch Doug, and you'll be treated to an unprecedented brand of rapid-fire, topic-jumping humor. In May 2006, Mellard was... more...
Feb 28
Italian Potluck Showcase!
with special guests!
February 28 | Fri 11p | $10 | 18+ BUY TICKETS HERE We're doing a late-night Italian potluck dinner! Featuring great food, AND performances from Avery Moore, Nick Saverino, Leah Mulroney, and more! more...